Dinner Package Lunch Package Breakfast Buffet Appetizers Soups Salads
Luncheon Selections Dinner Selections Potato and Vegetable
Desserts Beverage Menu Miscellaneous
Rice Pudding $1.50
Platter of Fresh Fruit $1.50
Ice Cream or Sorbet no charge
Sheet Cake (White, Chocolate, Banana, etc) $1.50 / slice
Pies (Apple, Cherry, Pumpkin, etc.) $1.50 / slice
Mixed Berries over Lemon Sorbet with Grand Marnier Sauce $2.00
Tiramisu $3.00 / slice
Various Cheese Cakes (Plain, Turtle, Marble, etc.) $3.50 / slice
Chocolate Mousse Cake $3.50 / slice